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Tho4ns' Ideal Rope Bundle

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Quick Overview

Tho4ns' Ideal Rope Set
  • 5mm Tossa Jute
  • 7 x 8m lengths
  • 1 x 12m length
  • 50ml Jojoba Oil

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It is obvious from the first glance, that Tho4ns' Ideal Rope Set has been made with some serious suspension in mind! This Ideal Rope Set was designed by Tho4ns, the winner of our 2012 Kinbaku & Shibari Photo Contest.

The kit is based on eight lengths of Tossa Jute, chosen - we are told - because of the 'low fuzz' properties and the fibre's golden colour. There are seven lengths of 8 meters and one length of 12m, selected to complete hip harnesses without the need of joining a second rope. This really is a well thought out kit for any kinbaku enthusiast!

Preferring to condition the Tossa Jute himself, we issued this Ideal Rope Set in a raw condition, so it could be prepared exactly to Tho4ns' own standards. But he was kind enough to fill us in on how he prepared his rope set for use:

"I first ran it through a biner [using a] munter hitch a few times (6-8 pulls.) Then I singed the rope lightly to burn of any bits - I kept this pretty light since I wanted to preserver the colour of the rope as much as I could. Then oil it with jojoba oil (pretty liberally). That's it! I started tying with it the following day." - Tho4ns

We've included a 50ml bottle of our 100% Jojoba Oil. Used liberally as suggested this amount will be just condition all of the rope in this kit. Best of all, a few months after obtaining the set we followed up with winner, and he had this extremely positive review:

"I'm loving it.... no issues whatsoever after it was conditioned (which was minimal compared to the work I had to put into my other sets.) It ties a little stiffer than what I'm used to but its still pretty new and its spun a little tighter. Over the long term I think it will hold together better, be longer lasting and be less likely to high-strand.

I really like the creaking as do the people I tie. The color is beautiful and the quality of the jute is top notch. Its a light, fast, high performance rope and it will be my go-to from now on. I'll probably buy a couple more to fill out my set a bit in a couple of months."

You can find out more information on conditioning Tossa Jute here, as well as some other options to speed up the 'breaking in' phase.

So there you have it... the 'perfect' rope set as built by Tho4ns, winner of the 2012 Kinbaku & Shibari Photo contest.

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Additional Information

Fibre Jute
construction 3 Twisted
Diameter 5mm (1/5")
Loading High
Stretch Low

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