Cotton Rope: Reinventing a favourite

cotton-rope-close-upHaving featured in the first iconic bondage photographs in the US, cotton will always have a place in the psyche of western rope bondage enthusiasts.  Recently though, the easy availability of cheap cotton ropes has caused this fibre to lose a previously high stature.

Five key reasons cotton ropes fell out of favour:

  • Cheap cotton ropes tend to compress – causing knots to ‘lock’ and be extremely difficult to untie
  • Sash cord style cotton rope is often of rather weak construction – making it unsuitable for anything more than decorative bondage
  • Cotton has a very high capacity for absorption (water, sweat, and other fluids) – requiring regular and thorough cleaning
  • Possessing a shorter fibre length cotton suffers abrasion poorly – reducing the rope life
  • Loosely made cotton rope tends to have a higher rate of stretch

Welcome to the Revival

At Jade Rope we’ve teamed up with a superior cotton rope manufacturer to provide a cotton rope that is ideal for bondage.  Our cotton ropes may cost more than your hardware store variety, but they out perform cheaper ropes dramatically. 

Eliminating locked knots
You can tell cheaper cotton ropes straight away by their loose weave.  Some are so loose they take on an oval shape.  These are the most commonly found ropes in adult stores. Our cotton ropes have a firm weave comprising of up to four times as many cotton fibres in the same length of rope.  This dramatically reduces the chance of not being able to untie a knot that has been under strain.

Higher tensile strength
The higher ratio of fibres mentioned above also means that our cotton ropes posses superior strength, reduced stretch and better resistance to abrasion.

Improved Life-span
Our cotton rope is impregnated with a naturally occurring wax known as Lanolin that reduces absorption and actively combats some microbes. This not only protects the cotton fibres but is also great for skin... so good that Lanolin is common in many natural beauty products.

Why Choose Cotton Rope

The beauty of cotton is almost entirely invested in it’s soft feel , but the look of a natural white fabric against the skin is also visually appealing.  The other benefit is that cotton still possess ‘tooth’ or ‘bite’, meaning that it will hold knots much easier than synthetic fibres.

We offer a range of cotton ropes in 5mm, 6mm and 8mm options. All of which enable you to enjoy the extremely soft feel of cotton whilst also benefiting from other positives – which today – are more commonly associated with hemp and jute fibres.