It's not often you have the opportunity to tie a Mistress... but that is exactly the chance provided to Nawa-kun before he left Australia on his journey to Canada.

Kalyss Mercury is well known in Brisbane for her household of kinky adventures, however, life goes on and Mistress MK Mercury has now departed to study in Norway. Brisbane's loss will be Europe's gain... and her presence in Europe is timely. Our new EU rope outlet is now up and running in Czech Republic. Unfortunately Czech is a little way from Norway, but Jade Rope EU will be delighted to have Kalyss in the neighbourhood. You can reach Kalyss via her website.

Kalyss Mercury in Kinbaku

Model: Kalyss Mercury | Rigger: Nawa-Kun

Our photographer (Stillsby Hill) managed to capture this moment, the 'pulse of pleasure' that came directly after a more painful set of expressions as Nawa-Kun put his own weight behind the two column tie, stretching Kalyss out in a return to the roots of kinbaku. A somewhat slightly torturous experience that - we can assure you - was reveled in.

Kalyss in ShibariHowever, like any true dominant, Kalyss soon took command of the shoot (even whilst being bound to the pole in her own dungeon) and then put Nawa-kun's ties to the test by stretching through several different posses. This one was by far our favourite!

Nawa-Kun is now enjoying a healthy stop over in Japan - December through April - to dose up on some more rope tuition, we're actually envious of the treat in store for all the Canadian rope lovers once he arrives on their shores.





Model: Kalyss Mercury | Rigger: Nawa-Kun