Discovering Charm in Soft Tossa Jute Ropes

Jade Rope's beautiful natural tossa jute ropes are such a fantastic quality that they actually attract people whom appreciate esthetics and they do so whilst being supurbly effective when rigging. At Jade Rope we are extremely proud of these high quality ropes, and we know they will become favourites within any colection of rope you may have.

When conditioned theseTossa jute ropes ofer incredibly soft fibres providing a nice golden colour, and this impressive colour is just one of the qualities offered. Not only will you will appreciate the optimal flexibility of this type of fibre, it delivers on one extremely important factor... an ability to form longlasting knots that resist compression under load.

If you could lable a rope as 'HQ Tossa Jute', this rope excells in numerous categories, making it our premium choice when looking for soft jute ropes. This Tossa jute is pleasant to touch - even before conditioning - making it very effective when in contact with skin. 

One of the big advantages high quality tossa jute ropes is that your ropes are always highly photogenic. It doesnt matter if you are shooting in B/W photo or colour. Obtaining profesional photos showing a strong structure of rope is very easily achieved with this choice of bondage rope. You will enjoy this rich golden colour even more when combining rope over clothes. Despite our preference of rope on skin, one of the key qualities of Tossa Jute rope – the golden colour - is accentuated infront of a variety of dark and light colours.

New unconditioned Tossa Jute ropes are perfect for traditional rigging, especially with a sub that enjoys a course sensation when being tied. We have even had feedback where bunnies have critised the enevitable softness created by conditioning the ropes with bee wax or oils (Jojoba, or  Camelia 'Tsubaki'). If you prefer to buy already conditioned ropes we reccomand you to choose some of our ropes which have been preapired and conditioned with maximum care. We are extremely confident both the rigger and bunny will feel that extra care and attention.

We can promise you a many amazing moments during the rigging with these premium qualtity ropes. We're so confident,  will look forward you to send us some of the results of your work with ropes! Feel free to share the passion of rope with others.

Ra. and Joe
Jade Rope Team Europe