white twisted polyester rope on black braided polyesterExplore our Polyester fibre range, these ropes are the hit of year 2013 for bondage lovers. There are many reasons for the sudden spike in poularity.  The fibre is a very soft material, originaly developed in England during 1947 as a substitute for expensive natural fibers. Polyester fibre - especially our worsted polyester ropes - keep similar quality atributes as natural ropes, particularly when we talk about functionality and appearance of rope. The beautiful thig, is that the polyester rope is much cheaper than natural fibres.

For European riggers it is not a common rope, but Polyester ropes can satisfy experienced riggers and it is being quickly embraced in the United States and Australia... not just by beginners. There is a wide color selection in our braided Polyester ropes beyond the beige being offereda as imitation hemp rope. You can choose from bright coloured braided ropes to a matt white  twisted rope that shows up amasinging against darker skin tones.

Most exciting is that the main benefits from Polyester ropes are the fibre's antibacterial atributes, softness, high flexibility, lightness and easy maintenance. Polyester ropes can also be a useful substitution for people with natural fibre sensitive skin. Polyester fibres can be high valued by photographs because of posibility to use the synthetic ropes as imitition of natural ones, or photoshooting in wet conditions (rain…).

We reccomand you braided Polyester ropes primary for floor rigging techniques, fuison and ropeArt. If you want to use a Polyester ropes for suspension you will need to be more aware because knots are not as stable as natural ropes.

One more thing, if you pull a rope very quickly over skin, polyester ropes can cause a friction burn, similar to Polypropylen or Nylon ropes.  As a whole, Polyester ropes are easy to maintenate, we reccomand you to wash it in max of 40´C ( 104´F). Polyester fibre is not water soakedable and during the washing it keeps a colour without changes. After washing leave the ropes layed out to can dry properly. Polyester ropes are very consistent in the keeping colours, but we dont reccomand you to dry them on a direct sunlight.

We highly reccomand you try Polyester ropes, it is very interesting and universal fibre material which can bring something completely  new to your bondage activity.  In Jaderope Store you can find a variety of Polyester ropes (baried, twisted, 5mm, 6mm), explore more deatils here.