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Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned

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Product Name Price
Sample Length | 1m (3.5ft) | Max Qty 1
Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned | 3.5m (11.5ft)
Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned | 7m (23ft)
Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned | 8m (26ft)
Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned | 9m (29.5ft)
Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned | 10.5m (34.5ft)
Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned | 14m (46ft)
Natural Hemp Rope 6mm | Unconditioned | 21m (69ft)

Quick Overview

Hemp Rope
  • 3 Strand Twist
  • 260kg breaking strength
  • Medium (<15%) stretch
  • Organic scent & Feel
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Woven from natural hemp fibres grown in Holland, this is the best quality pure hemp rope we’ve been able to locate.  Whilst the finish is raw and the rope is unconditioned it is soft enough and sufficiently free of any course fibres to use straight away.

100% hemp, we’ve purposefully left this rope as it is to allow riggers a blank canvas to personalise their purchase exactly how they wish to.  For shibari enthusiasts seeking a soft gentle feel for their bottoms we would recommend some dry finishing techniques, but this is not necessary as the rope will mature nicely with no more than a little use.

We selected this hemp rope for many reasons, but one point we really wish to highlight is the load testing that has been carried out by the manufacturer.  Our hemp rope complies with the DIN 83325 standards and we can confidently boost an extremely high breaking strength, giving riggers peace of mind in suspension scenes.  Knowing the ‘loading’ is a rarity for natural fibre ropes.

This 6mm option is constructed in the traditional 3 strand twist, to honour and replicate the twisted asa-nawa used by the Japanese when hojojutsu was at it’s peak.  This natural hemp rope is the first ‘and sometimes only’ choice for serious shibari and kinbaku enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Review by Arnaud
Really good hemp ropes to work with and jaderope has a really effective and pleasant customer service.

(Posted on 3/16/13)
Perfect Review by David
I think you hit a bullseye with this hemp! It's so soft stright out of the bag that I can only imaging how supple this will become with some use and conditioning. Thank you! (Posted on 2/23/12)
Supurb Review by MasterDee
Congratulations on this hemp. I've bought a number of hemp ropes, but this is the first that I've found which looks, feels and smells almost exactly the way I want it to! I'll send your though some shots of the conditioned result. (Posted on 11/18/11)

3 Item(s)

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Additional Information

Fibre Hemp
construction 3 Twisted
Diameter 6mm (1/4")
Loading 260kg
Stretch Low

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