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Phantom Carabiner - Green

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Quick Overview

18cm with 2cm gate
60g in weight
Strength (Gate Closed): 23kN
Strength (Gate Open): 8kN

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The Phantom Carabiner range offers the perfect balance between light weight and strength, making it a fine choice for riggers who travel with their kit.

Wiregates have not had much exposure within the shibari/kinbaku world, however, they are just as secure as a standard non-locking carabiner and the high grade of wire ensures there is no compromise on strength. In fact it is the unique and innovative construction - using DMM’s I Beam design - that reduces the weight down to just 25.5g whilst retaining a closed gate strength of 23kN - thats a massive 2,300kg (5,200lb).

These Phantom carabiners are exceptionally light, making them excellent for quickdraw use, and we offer them in a number of colours so that there is no chance that they will get mixed up with other people's rigging gear.


*Important: kN is actually a measurement of force, not a measurement of weight. A 'Kilo Newton' is 1,000 newtons of force, and 1kg exhorts up to 9.8kg of force in free fall. To put this into context, if you are rigging with a blissfully light bunny of 40kg, should she manage to fall, your suspension point could be shocked with up to 392kg of force or 3.92kN.  
This is why rigging equipment that specifies even a relatively high loading should be avoided. A 10mm steel ring that is capable of holding a static 350kg (770lb) only requires 38kg (85lb) of weight to create a force that would exceed such a rings load bearing capacity.

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Additional Information

Strength (Closed) 23Kn (2300kg)
Strength (Open) 9Kn (9000kg)
Strength (Minor Axis) 7Kn (700kg)

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