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Bees Wax Pure (Two Pack)

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Quick Overview

  • 2 x 30g Blocks

  • 100% British Bees Wax
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Two 30g bars of solid 100% British bees wax. Absolutely no additives.

Wax is a favourite within Japan for conditioning natural fibre ropes and it is easy to see why, bees wax is exceptionally pure.

Bees wax will not become stale or age as quickly as many oils can, and will assist greatly in preserving your rope... evidenced by 5,000 year old honey being uncovered in Egypt which was still edible at the time of discovery.

Pure bees wax is easy to use, as it can be run lightly over your ropes or simply hold the  bar of wax in your palm and pull your ropes threw. You only need to coat the ropes sparingly. One 30 gram bar of bees wax will easily treat over 200 metres of natural fibre rope.

Wax will melt if it is left in direct sunlight and is best stored in a cool place.

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Milliletres 60g

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